Astrology’s Pearls of Wisdom

Astrology means “language of the stars,” and many people are rediscovering the usefulness of ancient wisdom this tool provides.

The Universe and our bodies are always talking to us and giving us signs if we care to listen. The more we tune in, the more we feel guided in life as we try to make sense of an increasingly unpredictable world. This is just one of Astrology’s benefits.

So, you ask: “How can the gift of Astrology enhance coaching sessions?”

Astrology has the power to completely change all areas of your life. It has the potential to empower you as an enlightened parent, a clear decision-maker, a romantic partner and to help you create the career of your dreams.

Most importantly, it has the power to expand the knowledge you have of Self — the YOU who is the centre of your world and who often gets bogged down in the definitions you — and others — give yourself.

Astrology is the key to unlocking truths about you, and when you do, you realize just how magnificent you truly are. Once you know yourself, you love yourself.

Your birth chart is your personal road map to:

  • Who you are becoming in this lifetime;
  • How you express your emotions;
  • How you think, learn and communicate;
  • How others see you;
  • What you value, how you love and your expectations;
  • What motivates you and how you assert yourself;
  • What is your best career path/vocation;
  • What is your life purpose or mission.

Armed with a deeper awareness of yourself and your talents, skills, strengths, wisdom and, yes, challenges, you can move forward with more confidence to reclaim your powers — and manage your personal Starstruck Journey more effectively.

If you are unsure about any of our coaching packages or Starstruck Journeys programs, an Astrology reading or report may be the perfect place to…

begin the most remarkable journey of your life!

Astrology Reports

A typed Astrology report is offered at a cost of $200, while a personal taped consultation on Zoom is offered at a cost of $250.

These consultations are never predictive because you still have the freedom of choice, and the choices you make today impact and predict the future. These consultations are prescriptive and speak more to your potential in various areas of life. The focus is always on your Soul Contracts — your Soul’s purpose and what your Soul is here to learn in this lifetime.

To order your Astrology report, please contact us here, providing the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth (city or town/province or state/country)
  • Current Residence (city or town/province or state/country)


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