question markWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW…

I believe transparency builds trust. So, in order for you to make an informed decision when booking a Gentle Trauma Release Method© package or sessions, here is information you need to know.

All Clients are asked to sign a Disclosure Statement and Agreement prior to Module 1. All Sessions are recorded on Zoom.

The Client understands that although the Gentle Trauma Release Method© appears to be promising in terms of the resulting emotional and mental health benefits, it is currently not officially identified as an evidence-based approach or technique and may therefore be considered experimental. The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is a unique, self-regulated approach and is to be considered an alternative and complementary approach.

The Client acknowledges that because the Gentle Trauma Release Method© is an innovative and relatively new approach, the extent of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© effectiveness and/or its benefits and risks are not yet fully researched and known.

The Client understands that if they choose to use and apply the Gentle Trauma Release Method©, it may be possible to experience an adverse emotional or physical reaction or discomfort, which the Client may perceive as negative side effects or consequences. It may also be possible to experience such reaction or discomfort related to life experiences that occurred earlier in life.

The Client understands that by participating in the Session with the Coach, traumatic memories may fade and that this could have an adverse impact on the Client’s ability to provide legal testimony related to a traumatic event. 

Nature Waterfalls OriginalThe Client understands that they are fully responsible for their physical, mental and emotional well-being during and after each Session. 

The Client understands that emotional material may surface during and after each Session and create the need for other incidents to be addressed (for example, memories of additional, unresolved events). 

The Client understands that should any protocol, procedure, exercise or activity conducted in the Session lead to distress or discomfort, the Client can always ask the Coach to stop.

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