4 Reasons to Work With Me

My certifications as a Gentle Trauma Release (GTR) Practitioner and an Empowerment Coach for Women provide me with a solid foundation in understanding human behaviour, trauma and healing techniques.

Astrology offers valuable insights into a person’s personality traits, life patterns and potential areas of growth. By combining astrology with GTR protocols, I can help you understand how your past experiences may have shaped your behaviours so you can work towards healing and personal transformation.

1. The Gift is You! Astrology reflects the unique gift of you. Online sessions are an uplifting experience. You receive encouragement and clarity when you consult with me.  

2. Wisdom: A Gift That Keeps Giving… Some stellar insights last all year long. Zoom sessions are recorded so you can replay your recording any time for continued inspiration and enjoyment.

3. Peace of Mind with Positive & Practical Planning. A look-ahead reading reveals what the stars may have in store for you in the coming months. Together, we can determine how to gracefully overcome potential challenges with practical strategies in place.

4. The Power of Now. Decisions and choices you make today determine your future. Book online for instant access to a free “Discovery Call” with me.

Shine Brightly!
Become who you’re meant to be!

For more information on any of the services I offer, please click on the appropriate link below:

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