Awareness Creates Choice

If you’re like most people, you rarely take time to know yourself well enough to make conscious life choices that serve you best. As a result, some decisions may no longer align with your current values or beliefs, resulting in serious consequences.

And this creates self-doubt and a sense of imbalance, which chips away at your self-esteem and confidence. Before long, you’ve lost yourself and end up wondering who you really are.

Emotions may run the gamut from feeling shame, guilt, numb and isolated to moments of fear, grief and even rage. We’ve all been there.

In desperation, you search for answers, enrolling in course after course hoping to find someone who promises easy solutions and ease your pain. Or you simply give up and drift through your days, leaving things to chance, convinced a “purposeful life” is just not meant for you.

If you relate to any of this, you’re not alone. Chances are no one told you how amazing you are, much less mentioned “life purpose.” After all, you weren’t born with a User’s Manual on how to operate YOURSELF.

Or… were you?
What if your birth chart holds vital clues?

Shine Brightly!
Become the Star in Your Life!

Whether you admit it or not, your personality traits make up a big part of your success — or lack of it. Your values, virtues, flaws, world views, opinions, beliefs, patterns impact the broader image, taking you straight to the success lane — or driving you away from it.

But are these values, opinions, beliefs truly yours? Do they align with who you truly are or who you are becoming in this lifetime? And what about those repeating patterns in your life? Are they serving you?

We’ve all been conditioned and influenced by our family, society, institutions and culture at some point. The good news is all this can be changed or improved with a little awareness.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change. It provides immunity against being taken over by viral emotions, thoughts or patterns that block you or no longer serve you.

Another important ingredient to success is intention, which gives awareness direction.

Together, we look at your astrological chart to gain insight into your life patterns so you become consciously aware of them and align yourself to who you are becoming with intention.

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