2023 New Year Resolutions

Isn’t it interesting how we are forced to experience death and rebirth every year? We are witnessing the death of 2022 and all it offered. At the same time, a new year is birthing. What does 2023 hold for us individually and as a collective? As much as we think we want to know what the future holds for us, let’s face it, it would also be boring. What would there be to learn, strive for, experience and share if we already knew what was coming?

Instead, we can only imagine. Everything that comes into form in the material world begins with an idea that is generally available to everyone. However, there are a couple of important stages that must happen for any idea to become reality.

Lightbulb ideaAn Idea is Born
We are all capable of having an idea. In fact, millions of us might have the same idea at the same time, like building a house. Thinking about it might get us excited, however just thinking about it won’t make it magically appear. Everyone can think of building a house but only some of us actually do it.

We have to take it to the next stage, into the realm of possibility.

From General to Possible
To get to “possible,” we have to engage our awareness, imagination, communication and love for something to happen (chakras 7 to 4).

Perhaps we begin looking at pictures of houses or drawing them. We talk about building a house with friends and family. We start looking at where we might build this house, how many rooms it will have, and so on. We spend hours thinking about and describing how it will look, imagining every detail. We may even begin researching what housing materials we want to use. We create our to-do list of steps that need to happen. We investigate how much money we might need.

We’ve taken it a step further. Our idea of building a house is now possible. However, drawings on paper and pictures on the wall won’t make our house appear. The to-do list has to be put into action and the money has to be in the bank.

Woman jumping on beachFrom Possible to Probable
At this point, we must feel confidence and pleasure for physical manifestation (chakras 3 to 1) to happen.

We need the confidence to proceed because this next step involves much investment, usually money, dedication and sweat. It means showing up and doing the work, especially when we don’t feel like it or when we face challenges.

The project has to bring us some form of pleasure, so we are motivated to continue and see it through to its completion in spite of any difficulties we encounter. It has to stir our creativity and get us excited enough to get up each morning to pursue the creation of our dream house. Does it bring out the kid in us?

Finally, there is a physical manifestation of our initial idea, otherwise what is the use of all this?

Our idea may be a house, a wedding, a business or a plan with clear steps, a timeline and money to back it up. It doesn’t matter. The point is getting an idea from “general” to “possible” is not enough. We have to get it to the “probable” stage before we have any chance of success.

Woman with virtual glassesKeep It Real
Regardless of what our idea may be, each stage of its manifestation is profound. Sadly, we often don’t pay attention to each stage. We don’t check in to see how we are feeling along the way and whether we’re still invested as much as we need to be to complete the task. Then we wonder why we fail or run out of steam.

If you find yourself faltering or sabotaging yourself, ask yourself: “What does this really mean?” Go back to the original reason why you began this journey. Perhaps your purpose changed somewhere along the way. Maybe your initial reason was not strong enough to sustain you and the effort that is required. Find a reason or purpose that is bigger than yourself. Who are you really doing this for? What is the ultimate outcome you hope to achieve here? Does it benefit you and others and in what way? Do you need someone’s help to fulfill your idea?

Don’t be shy to ask for help or advice. That’s why there are so many of us here on Earth. We’re never meant to go it alone.

The Journey Within: Why New Year Resolutions Succeed or Fail
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