Planet Earth

Animals and plants instinctively follow the rhythms of the universe. Sadly, most humans have disconnected from the cosmos and nature in general. We rely too heavily on what others have to say rather than follow our own intuition and instincts.

Yes, we recognize there are seasons. If we bother to pay attention, we see the moon change shapes from time to time. But do we really understand the significance and the role each season and moon phase plays in our lives? Do we accept that Earth goes through cyclical changes or that there is an intelligence far beyond our limited scope?

Earth burning and drowningIf we did, I suspect we might have paid a bit more attention to what was happening around us over the last century or more. Instead, we turned a blind eye, revelled in our individuality and brilliance, over-populated the planet, and over-consumed everything in sight, all of which accelerated the natural Earth-warming cycle and ended up where we now find ourselves.

We forgot humans are not the centre of the Universe, but part of it. We didn’t keep our end of the bargain to honour and respect a higher intelligence and the abundance we share with plants and other creatures that inhabit this planet we call Earth.

So, now, some of us spend hour after hour gazing at TV, laptop or cell phone screens hoping someone will find a quick fix to our dilemma while others simply numb out or pretend all is fine.

Turn Your Gaze Skyward!
Tonight, I invite you to look up at the stars in wonder as our ancestors once did. Father Sky’s night canvas was their screen — it’s the biggest screen of all. Night after night, they studied the heavens and grew to understand patterns, cycles and the significance of it all. Today, we ignore it all and take it for granted, rarely acknowledging its magnitude and splendour, much less the messages, guidance or insights the stars and planets reveal.

Woman looking at starsAs a New Moon enters Virgo, allow me to help you a bit here to understand what is happening in the cosmos over the next few months in the hopes that you might see what I see when I look up. As you do, ask yourself these Virgo questions: “What would a perfect world look like to you? What hurts? What or who is vexing you? What part do you play in that mess? Are there some new skills you need to learn?”

Before I continue any further, a word about “retrogrades.” All planets, except the Sun and the Moon, enter periods known as retrogrades, which means they appear to move backwards. Of course, they don’t. It’s an elliptical illusion from Earth’s perspective. In general, retrogrades are a time of slowdowns, frustrations and disappointments, however they also bear valuable gifts. What turns a challenge into a gift has everything to do with your perspective.

Over the next two months, three more planets will join the lengthy retrograde procession currently led by Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Phew! That’s quite a lineup!

PlanetsTwo days ago on August 24, Uranus, the planet of disruption and unpredictability, joined the parade. Ironically, in reverse, this planet can actually stabilize things a bit.

On September 9, Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication, turns retrograde for three weeks. If you can delay starting a project during a Mercury retrograde, do so. If you must do something, religiously practise the “re-” words: review, rework, reinvent, reconsider, reassess, retreat, reconnoiter, rewrite… and remember to rest and relax. Often this phase of forced revision yields great insights and solutions!

Finally, on October 30, Mars will reverse, lingering in Gemini for seven months instead of the usual seven weeks. Mars is not in its element here, and in retrograde, it can feel downright baffled, which can result in sarcasm, passive-aggression or the silent treatment.

How can we manage all this?
A few strategies shared by astrologer, Suzanne Gerber, might prove helpful here:

Don’t take it personally. This is happening to everyone, not just you. However, as an individual, you can choose how you react to this energy.

WisdomEngage intentionally. There are basically two reactions to any situation: resist or accept. Resistance involves some kind of struggle. Remember the phrase, “What you resist persists“? Unless your actions support your vision, you actually empower the opposite. However, acceptance puts you in the neutral zone where there’s no fighting, no wasted energy, no residual anger or resentment. This is the path of wisdom.

Stay on your chosen path. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up. Au contraire… 100% of your energy is available to you. Like a surfer, you want to watch, wait and take advantage of the powerful momentum of nature’s energy. Never try to control Mother Nature!

Respect planetary motion as a force of nature. A wise person abides by its rules. There’s no muscling or coercing it into submission or even ignoring it in the hopes it’ll go away. Instead, observe, test the waters and be ready to hit the gas when you catch a tailwind or tap on the brakes in a headwind.

No one said it would be easy. While retrogrades may make it more challenging to move forward in achieving goals, they’re not always a “bad” thing. It’s all about perspective. Perhaps, the message is simply that you’re too focused on your objectives and a timeout is in order. So, go with the flow, sit back and relax a bit. With a little patience and awareness, something better may unexpectedly appear.

The Journey Within: What Can the Stars Tell Us?
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