Never Give Up

The road to any goal is going to have inevitable setbacks. They’re just part of the process of expanding and growing as a person.

Being able to endure setbacks, and even embrace them as lessons. goes a long way towards achieving your goals faster and more easily.

When you deny setbacks, you also deny the lessons they offer. If you resent these temporary road blocks, you create your own misery. This often begins with stories you tell yourself about the way things “should be.” Once you set out to achieve a goal, you already have a narrative in mind about how you want things to go and how you feel things should work out.

Setbacks will challenge this story. So, the key is to create a flexible story, which can meet the challenges without falling apart completely. The key is to adjust your sails so that no matter what’s thrown at you, you can come back, stronger and smarter than you were before.

Wall climberThese lessons teach you what you’re made of! You learn how quickly you can come back and whether you can come back with enthusiasm. You discover whether your desire for the end goal is strong enough to carry you through any challenges that arise.

It’s okay if you decide a goal isn’t worth the strife, but be absolutely sure you’re not simply giving up because things got rough! Nothing worth doing ever came easy. After all, when you consider all the things you’ve done in your life, haven’t your most rewarding accomplishments involved a bit of challenge?

Think of the stories you’ll tell about the problems that arose, and how you overcame and solved them! This can also be very motivating and inspirational to those around you, so your journey isn’t really just your own. There’s a ripple effect that’s important to consider as well.

It’s a great thing to set goals and embark on the journey towards their achievement as long as you’re aware that you’ll need flexibility to endure the hard times, and the motivation and momentum to bounce back and get back on the proverbial horse again!

There’s no greater pleasure than achieving a goal, and when the journey helped you to grow as a person, the ending is even sweeter.

The Journey Within: Learning to Endure
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