Pluto in Aquarius

Some of you know me as a Gentle Trauma Release© practitioner, others as an Astrologer or both. Either way, I could not let this opportunity pass by without offering some input.

On March 23, Pluto, the planet of power and transformation (symbolized by the Phoenix), temporarily moved into Aquarius until May 1 when it does a backflip into Capricorn until June 11, and bounces back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn before finally settling in Aquarius for a long 20-year haul on November 19, 2024. Think of the next 1.5 years as a practice run for what’s to come.

A Little History
When Pluto changes signs, the codes change. Old power sources dry up to make way for new realities. The last time Pluto changed signs was 2008 when it moved into Capricorn. Many might remember that year was a painful reality check for the financial market. Pluto in Capricorn also gave much of the power to large corporations, many of which became monstrosities in the last 15 years.

On February 22, Pluto sat at the exact degree it was in at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius 248 years ago, we had the French Revolution. Aquarius rules the people and citizens, so, over the next 20 years, we can expect power to pivot and be with the people.

Aquarius Themes
Aside from this, Aquarius also rules space travel, technology, artificial intelligence and all simulations, so there will be a large focus on the ethical fabric and use of them in every part of society. We, the people, need to be vigilant and mindful that all this benefits all of humanity and earthly beings and is not abused or limited to a chosen few. “Right use of power” and social responsibility is the theme.

On the high road, Aquarius is all about equality, progressive policies, non-egoic collaboration, honest communication, fair use of and access to technology and renewable energy sources. In Capricorn, we witnessed Pluto’s shadow side play out again and again over the last 20 years: the abuse of power, corruption, desperately defending outmoded paradigms and institutions, and the worship of the false gods of unbridled greed and materialism. Not surprisingly, under this energy, many lost faith and hope and became disillusioned, even depressed.

Aquarius is about community — the global collective. With Pluto’s “soft launch” in Aquarius between now and November 19, 2024, we’re asked to set aside short-term personal gain for sustained growth and harmony for everyone, even if that comes at a “price.” Choices we make now and over the next couple of decades will have lasting consequences — both our personal decisions and those made by people who jerk the reins of power.

Do Something!
It’s time to get our heads out of the sand, however safe and warm that might feel, take a stand for something and walk our talk. It’s time to support people and causes that resonate with our hearts and highest values.

Pluto’s call to action is: Do something! If you don’t like Big Gov, find a grassroots organization that stirs your soul. We can no longer shirk our democratic responsibility (the ultimate “cost” of freedom) with excuses like “my vote doesn’t matter” or “the system is too broken to fix.” Everyone’s vote matters! It’s time to stop acting like “victims” and taking everything so personally.  If it fits, adopt the chant of the Chilean revolution from the early 1970s: “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” Or something that echoes your sentiments. Of course, this presumes we all find something important enough to unite around.

Liberation fistThe “cause” and proposed solution or action may be different for each one of us, and that’s okay. We need to open up discussions, meet eye-to-eye and talk again and, most importantly, open our hearts and minds to new ideas. Black-and-white thinking does not work anymore. Innovative thinking outside the box is allowed — even encouraged — in Aquarius. It is not a time to be silent.

The world needs our brightest spirits and minds in all arenas to come to the fore in a way that is kind, mindful and respectful to all. Whether you write, speak, sing, dance, enter politics, change legal, corporate or financial institutions, volunteer your services, take photographs, vote… everything each person does, says or thinks plugs into life’s fabric and affects it on a universal scale. It’s a concept that may be difficult for our small minds to grasp, but that is the truth.

A Time for Self-inventory
On a more personal scale over the next three months, get clarity around the major changes you desire in your life and community. What areas of your life are ripe for renewal? What qualities or associated people related to these affairs in your life can support you in accomplishing your goals? What buried treasure awaits your attention and action?

There are many characters and multiple story lines in your life, and you are the co-creator of those narratives. Which do you want to bring to life, and which are ready to put out to pasture? What gets to transform, upgrade and transcend? Something has to burn to the ground before the Phoenix can rise to birth something new. This takes self-inquiry coupled with an intention for self-acceptance before sweeping (or even subtle) shifts roll in.

However, you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you need to gently release old traumas that hold you back or want a chart reading to help you identify your natural talents and pinpoint opportunities, I am here for you when you’re ready. I am committed to help you find the opportunities and blessings inherent in every challenge. And, if I cannot assist you, I will direct you to someone who can.

The Journey Within: A Time for Change
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