How are you at handling conflict or change? If you’re like most people, there are times when avoidance is preferable to dealing with what’s in front of you. We’re also very good at making very reasonable excuses as to why this makes perfect sense.

But does it?

Consider these five excuses, which are so easy to make, and ask yourself if perhaps you’ve heard these before.

“I Don’t Have Time”
Time is a valuable commodity, to be sure. But this isn’t the point. What you’re saying is you don’t want to deal with this right now. Here’s the question, though: Do you want to deal with this later? More often than not, things will only get worse if you let them go. It’s better to deal with this now.

“I’ve Got This on My Schedule”
Do you? Or are you only using this phrase to convince others there’s a definite time and place where you will be dealing with this situation? Try this instead: grab your calendar, add this item to your schedule right now and commit to getting it done on time.

“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing”
Well, at least you’re honest. The problem? This is a poor excuse for not getting anything done. What do you need to learn to make this task a reality? Instead of stopping cold when you’re confused, be proactive about figuring what it is you need to know so you can get back in the game ASAP. This way, you’re not avoiding the task but are rather adding in a couple of extra action steps so you can keep going. 

“I Failed”
What you’re saying here is you’ve made some attempt or another, and it didn’t work out this time. OK, so then what? Don’t stop just because something doesn’t work. Instead, gather data from the experience, learn from your mistakes, and jump back in, using the lessons learned. Now you’re making some real progress. 

“If I’m Honest, It’s Going to Hurt Someone”
Avoiding confrontation is natural. No one likes hurting someone else’s feelings. The problem is, you’re predicting someone else’s future behavior or reaction. They might not be as sensitive as you think. This can also become an excuse that allows someone else to engage in bad or even damaging behavior. There comes a time when honesty is necessary, and you must set boundaries. It’s never easy to do this, but it’s always necessary.

So, no more excuses. It’s time to quit avoiding what needs to be done if you ever want to succeed in life.

The Journey Within: 5 Excuse Busters for Attacking Avoidance
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