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This is an excerpt from a lecture given by Caroline Myss in Spring 2024. I wanted to share this perspective because it did make me stop and think about how we can spend so much energy trying to ‘force’ things to happen,  and then experience frustration or impatience. Or we give up feeling like failures, when that wasn’t the intention at all. Maybe we were just disconnected by a force greater than us. What if there is something else in store for us – something that will re-activate that invisible buzz?

“The Invisible Buzz with Caroline Myss

We have all felt de-animated at some point in our lives. It happens. We feel it when suddenly we realize someone has lied to you about something. We feel the de-animation leave our heart. Or we feel our heart break. We feel it when we realize you don’t love “this person” the same way. We feel a door slam in our heart. We all know exactly what de-animation feels like, especially when it comes to relationships, so we’re not talking about something that just happens to a few.

We also know what a “buzz” is. And we know when it’s turned off. We cannot plug a buzz in by ourselves. There is nothing we can do because we’re not in charge of it. So, when it’s unplugged, it feels like a hell of a mess.

What is the “buzz”? It is Grace. It is life force. It is soul juice. When it’s unplugged, we can go through the motions, but we know others are going to know there is no buzz. We can show up and someone asks, “What’s wrong?” We know we’re not buzzing, and so do others. We may say, “Nothing’s wrong.” But everything is wrong because we are not buzzing.

We can leave the room and utter a prayer, “What the hell is wrong?” That’s an effective prayer. But a better version is, “What’s going on here? What do you want? You’ve cut off my connection here.” That’s our clue. We will never be connected to “that” again. That’s our “take up your bed and walk” clue. We will never go that way again. It’s over. That’s called guidance.

We’ve been disconnected. Learn to read that and read it clearly. All we have to say is, “The buzz is over. I gotta go.” No amount of therapy or anything will work because it wasn’t a human disconnect. We have to learn to read heaven. Don’t punish another person for the disconnect.

If you really understood yourself and you really understood heaven (spirit), you’d realize it’s time, and you’re not going to bother trying to reconnect. It simply won’t work. It’s never going to happen. You may end up in a cocoon for a while because you have to get new wiring. You may require a little downtime, which you might call depression. Understand what a ‘dark night’ is. It’s a resting position. Don’t be a baby. Understand the position. You’re spiritually horizontal. You’re put in a cocoon, so you don’t hurt yourself because you are capable of doing ‘stupid’ things. You’re in a resting position so you can get new wings. You have to recognize your ‘dark night’ and that you’re not able to move yet. It’s not safe yet so stay still. You’re being kept safe until all things are right.”

Learn to trust the process.

The Invisible Buzz
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