Donna creates a personal and detailed reading of your personal chart, something we can’t do for ourselves, so in many ways she is our empowerment doctor. She’s taking what we may kind of know about ourselves but we struggle to understand the “why” behind it. She validates it for us and then she helps us figure out how to move forward. Donna gives us honest, relevant information all through what she sees in the chart and validates all those thoughts rushing through your head. I found this so much more helpful when I’m working with a client because, for some reason, it gets me to that place where I say, “Okay, I get it. That’s who I am and now I can work with that. Now that I know that about myself, now I can adjust my approach.” A session with Donna moves you forward. In fact, I wish I had it before I took my Empowerment Coaching course. There’s just so much to it. One of the things Donna helped me with was with relationships in general. After meeting a new man, she told me, “It’s not about you making time for him. He has to make time for you because you’re worth it!” It’s true, but women, in general, don’t ever put themselves first and the astrological chart allows us to see ourselves in a much more empowering way. I do not promote programs or people I don’t believe in. I’m a tester and I need to have an experience first. The amount of information Donna provides in a program is phenomenal. She brings empowerment coaching into a reading, which provides even more value. When working with Donna, you feel like you’re sitting with a mentor who is also a good friend. She genuinely cares about you and wants to see you embrace who you truly are. It’s amazing!

Donna’s work is so worth every penny!
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