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You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce. – Tony Gaskins

A New Moon Solar Eclipse happens in Libra at 1:55 p.m. EST on October 14. So what does that mean?

This astrological gem invites us to embark on a journey of personal goals as we learn to hone our negotiation skills by finding that sweet spot of compromise without sacrificing our principles or needs. In other words, Libra is here to overhaul our existence — if we choose to — by making peace with our surroundings, adding harmony to our lives and appreciating the power of partnerships, both professional and personal.

New Moon in Libra Lessons
Libra’s superpower lies in merging everything for the benefit of all. Big job! However, this can’t be done if we are not self-aware and committed to giving and receiving in all areas of life without resentment or unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others. Think of it as an up-level on all life skills. What resentments and expectations are we attached to? Time to let them go!

People CollageThis is not to say we cannot be assertive, but it’s good to remember that assertiveness does not step on anyone’s toes. This New Moon pours fresh, creative energy into our relationships where negotiations can add a magical touch.

From the vantage point of lessons learned, are you being fair to yourself? Do you really vibe with your current choices? Can your vision and your relationships evolve as you do? How do you want to move forward?

During this New Moon in Libra, let’s consider how we’ve redefined balance, redrawn boundaries and renewed our relationship to pleasure — with a sense for where there is still work to be done. Remember, we teach others how to treat us. Can we stand in the power of our individual desires, even if that means we may have to renegotiate contracts we’ve made with ourselves, others and the commitments in our lives? This may involve throwing out some old plans. Ouch!

Ask Yourself

  1. What relationships truly honour who I’ve become and generate support and pleasure?
  2. Where have I downplayed my needs in order to not rock the boat?
  3. What in my life is ripe for a decision, even if certainty is not guaranteed?
  4. What people, beliefs and situations bring out my best self?

Eclipses in Libra Themes
This is also the first Solar Eclipse in Libra since 2016, and it’s set to shake things up until March 29, 2025. This is the second of a total of six eclipses on the Libra/Aries axis that are here to remind us that healthy relationships play a role in the grand scheme of things, and we will be reminded of this through a number of endings and beginnings themes for the next couple of years.

hands receiving a giftThe last time a Solar Eclipse hung out around 21 degrees in Libra was 2004. Before that, we got a taste of it in 1996 and 1977. See if you can think back to what was happening in your — or in your parents’ — lives then. Personally, I met my first husband (on cue at 29 during my first Saturn Return) and separated from him in 1996. I learned a lot about relationships — and myself — during those 19 years.

It’s important not to give our power away by not acknowledging all the blessings that come with endings. With each ending, something will begin to begin. As you work through any transitions, remember:

  1. The faster things are moving around you, the greater inner stillness is required to keep your soul in balance. When in doubt, meditate (or nap). Whoever is pushing you to act before you’re ready does not have your best interests at heart.
  2. Continue to nurture your heart’s desires. What you want may feel like it’s a long ways away, but every bit of love you can pour into it helps.

Positive WomanHealing Trauma is Important
Navigating all of what life delivers requires a clear mind in order to make decisions and choices that serve us. If we still carry past or recent trauma in our bodies, life, in general, can seem overwhelming to us. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to release any trauma and heal so we can deal with life’s little surprises and uncertainties as we evolve into who we are meant to be.

Help is only an email or Zoom call away. Feel free to reach out to me or visit www.gtrpractitioners.com, where other Gentle Trauma Release practitioners are ready to gently guide you through your healing journey from trauma.


Happy New Moon + Solar Eclipse!
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