Gentle Trauma Release Extensive Program

Thank you for letting me share with you the details of this Gentle Trauma Release Extensive Package! Here is the path we’ll take together in order to create a trauma-free, beautiful life for you.

This all-in-one package includes thirteen (13) 60-minute Gentle Trauma Release sessions for maximum support and guidance. It is the most popular option because it contains the complete program and the best bonuses. In this package, you will get:


Before we dive into your healing journey, we want to be clear on exactly where you are now. Because believe it or not, in just a short time, you will feel better. This starting point serves as a point of reference so you can track just how far you got. Within the Prework, you’ll:

  • Pinpoint where exactly trauma has been holding you back the most
  • Identify where healing is needed and where you’d like to see yourself
  • Get an overview of how trauma gets into your system so you understand yourself better

The Prework includes:

1 x 30 min Gentle Intake Session
Easy-Breezy Intro To Trauma Audio Recording
Wholistic Wellbeing Check-In handout


There is nothing like experiencing a sense of relief that comes after releasing the burden of stress and trauma that we’ve been carrying on our shoulders for a long time. This is exactly where we begin the journey leading to your emotional freedom in your trauma-free life. In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience a sense of relief and well-being
  • Release at least one core traumatic memory from your past
  • Master an easy technique to get a quick relief from trauma

This module includes:

1 x 60 min Gentle Trauma Release Private Session
1 x Personalized Healing Assignment/Instruction Handout
Guided Trauma Release Session Audio Recording


Now that your system is a bit calmer, we can dive into a deeper emotional clean-up. You can now access more healing tools that will set you up for a life of emotional freedom. In this module, you’ll:

  • Release and heal traumatic emotions trapped in your system
  • Learn how to make your emotional freedom sustainable
  • Get access to a structured way of de-traumatizing your system for good

This module includes:

1 x 60 min Emotional Freedom Private Session
Emotional Release Recipe Instructions Handout
Your Emotional Freedom Plan Training Audio
Emotional Freedom Plan template


Trauma and long-term stress disrupt the connection to our body. And when we’re disconnected from the body, we lose our sense of Self and we feel disoriented and lost in life. We can’t tell true danger from true safety. Personal boundaries are difficult, and it’s hard to make sense of our emotional reality. In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to gently start rebuilding your connection to the body
  • Take small, safe steps to feel your physical sensations and your emotions
  • Start feeling comfortable and safe in your body and in your skin once again

This module includes:

1 x 60 min Get Back Into Your Body Private Session
Dropping Safely Into the Body Audio Recording

Dropping Safely Into the Body Instructions Handout


Living with trauma makes it next to impossible to trust your inner wisdom. This is why it’s important to re-learn how to trust yourself – your feelings, sensations and emotions – once again. The good news is that once you start feeling more solid and comfortable in your body, you can train yourself to easily access your inner wisdom and intuition. That is…if you know how. In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to reliably and unmistakably recognize the voice of your truth through the body
  • Discover your unique Body Intuition Blueprint and learn how your body communicates insights and advice to you
  • Identify how to tell your true gut intuition from false alarms so you can always tell if something is safe for you or not

This module includes:

3 x 60 min Trust Yourself Again Private Session
1 x Middle Body Intuition Activation Audio Recording
1 x Lower Body Intuition Activation Audio Recording
1 x Upper Body Intuition Activation Audio Recording
Body Intuition Blueprint


We all hear the unkind, unsupportive voice of the Inner Critic from time to time. However, for a person who has lived with trauma for a long time, that voice becomes paralyzing. It massively interferes with the ability to move forward in life. The great news is the Inner Critic can be retrained and tamed so that it no longer gets in your way. In this module, you’ll:

  • Shine a light on the paralyzing, unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Create new, empowering beliefs that will support you in creating the life you want
  • Tame the Inner Critic so it becomes your ally

This module includes:

2 x 60 min Tame The Critic Private Sessions
1 x Tame The Critic Recipe Instructions Handout


Letting go of trauma means that your whole outlook changes. Your True Self feels safe to emerge now, ready to transition into a new, happier chapter of your life. In this module, you’ll get support in navigating this transition smoothly. You’ll discover who you are now — when you are no longer carrying trauma in your body and you’ll get help in stepping into a new, empowered identity. In this module, you’ll:

  • Transition from a trauma-filled life into a trauma-free life 
  • Discover your new, empowered identity and embody it with grace
  • Learn how to navigate the world as a trauma-free being

This module includes:

3 x 60 min Smooth Transition Private Sessions
1 x Identity Game Handout


Your healing journey is almost complete. But life will still continue to happen and we want to make sure you don’t get re-traumatized over and over again. We want to you to sustain your emotional wellbeing and make it last long-term. In this module, you’ll:

  • Find out how to cultivate resilience and hopefulness to sustain your wellbeing
  • Create a Wellbeing Contingency Plan to have a trauma-prevention strategy in place
  • Master additional healing tools that you can apply with ease to make your healing last

This module includes:

1 x 60 min Sustain Your Wellbeing Private Session
1 x Positivity Recipe Instructions Handout
1 x Wellbeing Contingency Plan


Bonus # 1: 1 x 60-min Tune-Up Session
I want to make sure that you stay on track even after this program ends. To support you and help you alleviate any worries once you’re out there on your own, you have the chance to sit with me privately for a Tune-Up Session. That way, we can address additional areas that need attention. One way or another, I have your back.

Bonus # 2: In-depth Astrology Chart Reading + Astro Interventions Guide
You can learn a lot about your life purpose and who you authentically are meant to be in this lifetime by taking a deep dive into your Natal Chart. My Starstruck Journeys Interventions Guide lists easy steps you can take to activate or strengthen each Sun sign and its corresponding element.

Bonus # 3: Personal Support via Email
If you’re set to heal yourself and your life from the consequences of trauma, you might appreciate staying in touch with me via email to share with me what’s going on for you between sessions or to help me keep you on track. That way, you don’t always have to wait until our next session, and you can reach out to me whenever you need to.

Bonus #4: 1 x How the Body Speaks to You Healing Manual


If you feel this program is exactly what you need at this point of your life, I look forward to working with you!


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