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“Entrepreneur” seems to be the buzzword of the decade. There’s a myth running around that seems to suggest that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur and that breaking out on one’s own equates to being happier, richer and more impactful.

“Are you an entrepreneur?” Astrologer Dr. Jennifer Freed’s question stopped me in my tracks.

This question made me think. Are there markers in a birth chart that determine if we are entrepreneurs, and if so, what are they?

Dr. Freed says there are, and that only about 15% of us naturally have the qualities necessary to be an entrepreneur.

It’s not that the other 85% are less talented or less skilled or that their products or offerings are less worthy. They just do not have the natural traits and temperament ideally suited to being an entrepreneur.

Oprah Winfrey birth chartBirth Chart Markers
So, who is well-suited for entrepreneurial endeavours? Dr. Freed offers these as markers on the birth chart of an entrepreneur:

  • A strongly placed Saturn translates to exceptional discipline and consistent focus.
  • A sturdy and reliable Moon placement translates to a thick skin and even temperament.
  • Key planets (Sun, Moon and the Ascendant’s ruling planet) are situated on the left side of the chart, which relates to being a self-starter and an ability to initiate and lead.
  • Jupiter is placed in an extroverted house, which emphasizes the ability and willingness to self-promote and magnetize folks to your idea.
  • A healthy 2nd and 8th house, refers to how well you handle savings and money.
  • Finally, a robust and steady Mars ensures a strong will and determination that are not deterred by obstacles.

If you do not have these factors in your chart or qualities in your life, it doesn’t mean you suck! It simply means employment is a better option for you than entrepreneurship. After all, we need the “Steady Eddies” and those who take on the supportive roles to help entrepreneurs and visionaries get the job done.

Non-Astrological Indicators
So, are you a true entrepreneur or someone who should partner with others to build your idea?

For this question, Dr. Freed asks us to consider these non-astrological indicators of our potential in the world of entrepreneurship:

  • Do you promote yourself currently in your life — easily, confidently and realistically bringing up your gifts and talents in every conversation?
  • Have you consistently saved and managed your money well? Have you kept up with building a nest egg?
  • Do you keep your word about personal goals you have set, and have you completed them within the timeline you set?
  • When someone gives you feedback, do you listen well and non-defensively?
  • Have you often sought and gained counsel about your skills and mistakes from elders?
  • Have you shown resilience so far in things you have tried in life?
  • Do you deal directly and skillfully when in conflict with others, like bosses or colleagues?
  • Are you willing to work nights and weekends without complaint or relief?
  • Are you financially solvent, and have you been financially conservative throughout your adult life?

The likelihood of being a successful entrepreneur is much greater if you are able to answer these questions with strong positive answers.

Alternative Choices
If not, Dr. Freed offers these suggestions:

You are well advised to find a meaningful job that utilizes your gifts well enough to sustain your soul and pocket, so you can engage with passion projects on the side.

This is a noble and fortunate choice.

Find a partner who is already a successful entrepreneur and have them back you. In this case, you will be working for someone else on your idea, which will help you to work incredibly hard. Present your backer with a five-year plan. Be willing to have them call the shots on running the business and profit from your labour.

Join a group of people who together have the right entrepreneurial mix, and the grit, to make your vision happen.

So, next time you admire a hugely successful entrepreneur, remember that they are few and far between, and they work harder than any employee to sustain their life.

Time to Reflect
What if we all just took a deep breath and realized that employment is not a lower calling?

The truth is that, for most people, having a steady job is the ground from which we can grow our hobbies and passions without the added pressure or expense of entrepreneurship.

B&B signMy husband and I have worked for others since we were 16. With that steady employment as our base and using the experience and knowledge we gained over 20 years in the travel and hospitality industries, we were able to purchase and build a successful bed and breakfast operation on the side. We didn’t give up our day jobs, so our B&B business was never a burden because it never supported us fully. We didn’t have to “make it” to be financially okay.

Today, we are retired and still operate the B&B seven months of the year. We do it for the pleasure and satisfaction it brings us. It also subsidizes our pensions so we can continue to pursue other interests, such as my passions for Astrology, Gentle Trauma Release work and, currently, Archetypal Behavioural Patterns, and our combined passions for travel and culinary trends.

“Following your bliss” never means doing so at the expense of your foundational security or throwing caution aside.

The truest and easiest way to follow your bliss is not to have your livelihood depend on it. Otherwise, what you love most can turn into shackles rather than gifts.

So, next time you receive a promotional offer on how a seminar or workshop will equip you with all you need to be your own boss and make it big time, remember Dr. Freed’s sound advice.

If it is something that you believe will help you in your personal or spiritual development and growth, by all means, go for it. But don’t fall for the financial hype and promises.

Perhaps, your true calling is to create a fulfilling workplace and elevate the conditions of employment for everyone in your company. Now, that, dear friends, is a worthy endeavour and time well-spent.

Are You an Entrepreneur?
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