If ever there was a question for the
21st century, this is it!

If our primary purpose in Earth School is to be in service to others and evolve the human species, how do we do that? And why? That’s where your free will comes into play. Life can seem pretty confusing. And there is no right or wrong way.

What is your role in the grand scheme of things? Who are you becoming in this lifetime? What are you here to learn? More importantly, what are you here to share with us? If you’re asking yourself these questions, welcome to Starstruck Journeys where

our focus is always on you—the Real You.

So, how does Astro-Empowerment Coaching work? It’s best explained by citing an example on how Donna combines them.

Empowerment Coaching with a dash of Astrology
helps Kim reclaim her true gifts…

Kim initially reached out to me for Empowerment Coaching because she felt “stuck” since her parents’ deaths two years earlier. I suspected she had also gone through what is known as a “Saturn return” at the same time — something we all experience every 28 to 30 years. She had lived next door to her parents and cared for them for 10 years. Now, she had no idea who she was. She was clearly in transition — that No Man’s Land between grieving her parents’ death but unsure what do with herself or how to move on. 

I offered to read her chart. She was an Aquarian. Of course, it all made sense. When she took care of her aging parents, she had a purpose and a community of sorts — both of which are very important to Aquarians. Now her community and sense of purpose were gone, and she felt adrift at sea. 

What Kim really wanted was to experience living abroad for a year — an idea her much older, traditional sister scoffed at.

She admitted she had always felt different or odd throughout her life. I told her that was her role as an Aquarian. I could sense her relief. She had permission to be different — to be her authentic Self. In fact, it was her duty to rebel, think outside of the box, go against the grain — or older sister’s idea of how Kim should behave. She’d been trying to figure out how to “fit in” when, in fact, she was never destined to be like everyone else. 

She no longer had to follow her family’s rules to feel accepted. There was no right way or wrong way. Only her way and what felt right for her. She wholeheartedly embraced the courage to be herself, which is ultimately what we all search for. It was always there. She just had to rediscover it and embrace it rather than fight it or deny it.

As a result, we could now focus on helping her through her transition from grieving the loss of her parents to new beginnings and her personal journey.

What Can Your Chart Reveal?

Together, we explore your natural wants and needs, the beliefs and values others imposed upon you and what you’re here to learn in this lifetime. After all, you don’t want to change who you innately are. The real goal here is to reveal your True Self.

Here are a few more scenarios where Astrology and
Coaching techniques can work in tandem…

Clingy and needy in relationships? What’s really behind this? Is it something someone said you were, and you accepted it as fact? Or are there abandonment issues stemming from your childhood? What if you are caring, nurturing and compassionate but just never learned how to use these beautiful attributes to your benefit? Let your chart guide you.

Can’t deal with confrontation? Afraid of “losing your cool” and appearing dramatic to others? What are your beliefs about confrontation? What if one of your roles was that of a peacemaker—one who listens to both sides of the story to find harmony and compromise? Is confrontation not a good thing then? Might you be here to learn how to do relationships in ways that benefit you and others? Or are you here to learn to stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries? Your chart holds more clues.

Do you act small in order to “fit in” or be accepted? When did you learn to do that? Why? How does it make you feel? What would happen if you didn’t dumb yourself down and act small? Who would object? What would change if you exposed your authentic self? What might you lose? What might you gain? What if your role was to wake us up, tickle us, challenge us, teach us, organize us or motivate us? Your chart knows.

In denial regarding your finances? What are your beliefs regarding money? Who taught you these beliefs? How do you define abundance? Do you feel worthy of abundance? Are your financial issues reflected in other areas of your life? Where? How do you deal with those? How do you feel about success? About failure? What if one of your lessons was to learn how to deal with finances as part of your evolution? Is that a lesson worth learning? What does your chart say?

Caught between aging parents’ and your own family’s needs? Feeling stressed and anxious, always waiting for the “penny to drop”? How do you deal with stress? Are you comfortable asking for help or must you appear strong and do it all yourself? What are your alternatives? Are you even willing to consider alternatives? How does thinking about them make you feel? What advice would your wiser Self offer? Your chart has some guidance as well.

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