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About Donna Vieira
Certified Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner & Astro-Empowerment Coach

I use your astrological birth chart as a map to push boundaries and empower you to reclaim your power; make choices that align with who you truly are; and step forward with courage and confidence.

You are here to shine!
So what holds you back?


My story…

Like many people, after graduation, I entered the corporate world and eventually found my niche in airline marketing. The perks were nice however, I never really felt a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment throughout my corporate career. Something was always missing. Sound familiar?

My turnaround began in 1993…

At the time, I was unhappy in my corporate career of 23-1/2 years, my 13-year marriage was failing, and I didn’t know where to turn. I was stuck! Deep down, I knew what I should do, but I lacked the courage or fortitude to take responsibility and be accountable for my own decision. False pride kept me from seeking help. Instead, I bottled my pain up inside and put on a happy face, all the while feeling like a fraud.

In a moment of deep sadness, I went to the small church next door to my office building just to be still. I sat there alone through my lunch hour, hoping for a “sign.” 

I returned to the office. Within minutes, a colleague stopped by to say, “Did you see the parachute package? It’s great!” The airline was downsizing and asking people to volunteer for retirement, with all existing perks in place. I read the offer that evening and applied the next morning. It felt so right I didn’t even have to think about it! I would be paid in full for two years to stay home and figure out what to do with my life! Plus, it would give me time to “work” on my marriage. What a “sign”!

I gave my marriage two more years but there was no saving it. So, in March 1996, I made another decision, and, by June, I was the sole owner of an income property in a lovely, safe Toronto neighbourhood. I was self-employed as a travel management consultant as well as a freelance travel editor and writer for a Canadian magazine, earning more than I had ever earned in the corporate world. Plus, I was travelling the world, had rental income coming in on a monthly basis and I was finally content and at peace. 

Now, had you told me on that sad day in 1993 that this was where I would be by June 1996, I would have scoffed at the idea. But the pain of sitting in the land of indecision far outweighed any fear I had of the unknown.

Onwards and upwards…

I went on to indulge my interests in travel writing, Astrology and spiritual healing. In 1996, I worked with a group of like-minded women called “Spirituality at Work,” which mentored career women who were seeking their own spiritual path. As a certified Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner and Astro-Empowerment Coach for Women, I combine coaching techniques and protocols with my knowledge of Astrology. 

In the meantime…

Life challenges and lessons continue. There will always be dips followed by leaps of faith. Resilience is the key that gets us through the dips. After all, we’re here to learn, grow and build resilience. And it’s always easier when there’s someone in your corner cheering you on.

Let me be your cheerleader!

If any of my services or programs feel right for you, trust that! It’s a great place to begin your personal Starstruck Journey!

We all have a Life Purpose to fulfill — one that is unique to each of us. I am on a Starstruck Journey to help you:

Discover who you authentically are meant to become;

Reclaim your inborn powers; and

Embark on your own life journey with
courage, confidence and more clarity.

Check Donna Out—Live

I invite you to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me during which I’ll answer your questions to see if and how I can serve you best.  

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